Excellence for Health, Aesthetics and Quality of Life


Gum Diseases Periodontal disease is an inflammatory infectious disease which targets the supportive tissues around the teeth.
Our approach to care revolves around the patient and allows us to offer a comprehensive solution – outside of the local dental treatment.
Aesthetics The beauty of a smile does not depend solely on its shape and coloration, but also on healthy gums and a harmonious smile line.
We strive for aesthetics in all of the treatments conducted in the clinic, and this is achieved with the combined efforts of Periodontists, Orthodontists and Surgical Specialists.
Quality of Life The patient’s desire to enjoy an aesthetic smile usually depends on a long, difficult procedure – an obstacle in the way of success. To improve the patient’s quality of life, we offer encouragement and support throughout the positive changes experienced.
Our clinic provides various services to improve the patient’s experience: support while quitting smoking, encouraging physical exercise, reducing stress and anxiety with reflexology or deep sedation, supervised by our anesthesiologists.
Bone Regeneration and Implantology Dental implants allow millions of patients to enjoy permanent teeth, thus improving their quality of life.
For the most part, the path towards permanent rehabilitation is swift and simple, but in some cases surgical measures need to be taken such as regeneration and bone transplants.
Jaw reconstruction ensures the osseointegration of transplants is complete for optimal function and aesthetics.
השתלת שיניים
New Horizon in Technology Quality professional dentistry is composed of several main elements: using modern techniques that have been scientifically proven, implementing these methods and becoming familiar with them while observing their results in the long run and of course, keeping an open mind about new technologies as they develop. This means that patients may enjoy interesting developments and benefit from the dynamics.
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