Patient’s Information Sheet

Treatment tracks

1.  Periodontal track

If a gum disease is diagnosed, this is the initial track you will likely be offered:

  • Conventional treatment or initial preparatory treatment, including a series of caries and plaque cleaning, root scaling under localized anesthesia, and a thorough explanation about gum diseases together with clear detailed instructions on oral hygiene.
  • Several weeks later, your status will be reexamined to determine continued treatment and whether surgical intervention is necessary or checkups are sufficient.
  • All treatments are coordinated in advance with your general dentist, as well as future checkups.
  • Insured patients will be assisted with advance requests for appropriate certification.

2.   Implants track

Patients interested in dental implants should arrive for their examination with a referral from their regular dentist, a current panoramic x-ray and a current CT scan.  Patients who do not have a regular dentist will be recommended one by Moria Periodontal Center.  These are dentists with whom the clinic cooperates.

  • If a gum disease is diagnosed, the clinic will first treat and heal it.  Implants cannot be inserted into unhealthy gums.
  • If the periodontal (gum) status is suitably healthy, the specialist will suggest an implantation program in conjunction with the rehabilitative dentist.  Please note that Moria Periodontal Center only provides surgery and does not perform the rehabilitative care.

Additional x-rays may be needed prior to bone grafting or for Real Time Navigation implantation with the Robodent equipment.

Our clinic will examine implant assimilation and perform close follow-up until the end of the treatment plan.  The patient will then be referred back to the regular/rehabilitative dentist with a summary of our work.  Further follow-up after implantation will be coordinated with your dentist.

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