The Technological Clinic and Cutting-edge Infrastructure


The high-end clinic

The desire to maintain consistent excellence, and the need to preserve highest possible standards, means that we equip our clinic with modern infrastructures and the most recent technologies available worldwide.

1.   Moria Periodontal Center’s dedicated surgical wing

Moria Periodontal Center includes a dedicated surgical wing geared to complex operations and treatments under deep sedation, or to full anesthetic under an expert anesthetist’s supervision.

  • The operating theater meets with Ministry of Health requirements, and is used for complex surgical procedures.  It contains an air filtering system, internal gas pipes for oxygen and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that meet the required standards, and an electricity backup system with external emergency generator providing autonomous energy for a full day without any power outage. 
  • Adjacent is the private recovery room for the patient’s use, allowing full rest and recovery following surgery in an undisturbed, intimate atmosphere.
  • The panoramic x-ray equipment produced by MORITA  ( is adjacent, enabling x-rays to be made immediately following surgery.  The results can be viewed from every computer screen in the clinic.
  • The dedicated wing also contains an additional treatment room for the patient’s dentist, should any other procedures need to be conducted following surgery.
  • There is also a highly accessorized sterilization room.

2.   Moria Periodontal Center’s cutting-edge technologies

  • The clinical microscope by ZEISS ( ) is geared to fine and aesthetic plastic surgery applications for front teeth, smile line, and jaw bite.  The microscope enlarges the field of vision 24 times, allowing significantly greater precision and more aesthetic outcomes.
  • Piezoelectric bone surgery equipment ( ) uses unique ultrasonic waves that identify hard tissue such as the jaw bone, but does not damage soft tissues such as blood vessels, nerves, and connecting tissue.  This instrument allows treating the jawbone without any danger to other vital anatomical elements.  It is especially suited to sinus floor lifting and bone grafting.

Robodent with Real Time Navigation for inserting implants ( ( )   Robodent is a unique instrument integrating a computer and dedicated software that enables 3D imaging of the jaws, planning and inserting implants, and chiefly navigates in real time as the surgical procedure progresses.  Robodent works along GPS Navigator principles, with sensors positioned above the surgeon’s hand.  The sensors receive data from the optical camera which relays it to the software, allowing precision application of the plan prepared in advance.  From the surgeon’s point of view, this technology ensures that the implants are inserted correctly; from the patient’s, it is a safe, simple minimally invasive procedure without unnecessary incisions, which helps reduce trauma and improve the patients’ quality of life.

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