Minimal Invasive Surgery

Moria Periodontal Center remains constantly updated with the latest advances in technology and innovation, currently focusing on minimally invasive surgical procedures. Modern surgery is interested in reducing trauma to the patient, which promotes better quality of life, by stringently protecting the tissues and blood supply, the key to fast, more aesthetic healing.

We have recently equipped the clinic with latest technologies:

  • Robodent, which promotes the dental implant process using computerized precision real time navigation
  • A clinical microscope with 24 times magnification, promoting precision microsurgery

Both instruments create the conditions for Triple-S implants: Safe, Simple, Secure. Dental implants have become standard treatments but it is important to note that implantation is a surgical procedure involving sensitive anatomical areas such as blood vessels and important nerves. While surgical procedures require CT scans and early testing in preparation for surgery, a disparity nonetheless tended to remain between planning and actual implementation. The innovative Robodent takes a huge stride forward in precision implantation technology and implementation during the surgical procedure by exactly following the surgeon’s prepared work plan.

The Robodent contains computerized software, an optical camera, and a system of sensors much like the navigation GPS. The instrument allows early planning of implants in the jaw by using 3-dimensional simulation. The software presents and highlights the sensitive anatomical areas, assisting the surgeon in planning the operation by choosing optimal positioning, direction, diameter and depth of the implants. With a precision plan in hand, the camera and sensors allow real time navigation of the surgeon’s hands, promoting precision placement of the implants. While the surgeon watches the computer screen, the surgeon’s hands are directed by the simulator that links the hand-held sensors, the optical camera, and the computerized work plan. This innovative method, as applied in Moria Periodontal Center, enables implantation procedures using the 3S Implant Method – Simple, Safe & Secure.

Multiple advantages of computerized planning and RTN (Real Time Navigation):

  • High level of precision
  • Significant reduction of anatomical damage (nerves and blood vessels)
  • Minimal invasive surgery, which leads to far less trauma on the area being treated

Implementation of microsurgery (incorporating the dental microscope) – innovative applications periodontitis treatment and implants

In conventional surgery (macrosurgery) the surgeon’s hands are guided only by data that is visible to the human eye. The limitation in this situation is not the surgeon’s hands but the ability to actually see: in other words, the surgeon’s hands can only function according to the externally viewed accessible information. The microscope vastly improves the surgeon’s field of vision.

When the information is limited, the surgical technique is also limited, creating more traumatic and painful outcomes, and a slower, less aesthetic healing process.

Why microsurgery?
Microsurgery improves surgical technique as a result of the magnified field of vision offered by the microscope. Microsurgery offers stronger lighting, a sharper field of vision and improved surgical precision.

Microsurgery offers multiple advantages:

  • Greater precision
  • Richer supply of blood which promotes faster healing
  • Reduced trauma and pain
  • More aesthetic results

Which treatments are assisted by the microscope?

The microscope serves as an assistive tool for a variety of interventions and surgical procedures:

  • Gum surgery, deep cleansing and root scaling and exposure of periodontitis
  • Grafts to counter receding gums
  • Minimal Invasive Surgery
  • While lifting the sinus floor
  • For all stitching techniques in fine surgery

The microscope has introduced new innovations in Periodontistry and has become a crucial surgical tool in any modern and advanced clinic. Our clinic is equipped with one of the most advanced microscopes available today, and our staff has been properly trained to use it in the USA.

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