The Guide to Quality of Life

Over the years, periodontal specialists have researched and followed up on the unique factors leading to the development of gum diseases and how to treat them.

Localized treatments of a conservative nature such as root scaling, or procedures such as gum surgery, have indeed proven themselves.  However, after years of following up on the health of patients treated for gum disease, we have come to the conclusion that periodontitis is not localized but rather, derives from a composite of factors influencing the outcomes of healing and long term status preservation.

Factors linked to periodontitis

  • Changes in oral hygiene habits

Usually after receiving guidance and instruction, people tend to change their oral hygiene for the better.  But people need to realize that this change must become a lifetime habit, since we fight bacteria all our lives.  Once symptoms such as bleeding and/or halitosis (bad breath) dissipate, there is a general tendency for motivation to drop and persistence with the dental hygienist’s instructions wavers. 

To combat these known behaviors, Moria Periodontal Center has developed a system for ensuring that your motivation and maintenance remains upbeat, with follow-ups set for the long term.  The role of our dental hygienists is to encourage, guide and support your proper oral care every time you visit the clinic.

  • Heavy smoking

Smoking is a key obstacle to successful treatment of periodontitis.  If you can reduce, or preferably even cease, your smoking habit, you will support conditions that allow the treatment succeed.  In our clinic to patient relationships there is no criticism or negativity, and we try to help patients’ efforts to reduce or quit smoking through gentle, gradual persuasion based on explanations, identification, empathy and encouragement towards bettering your quality of life.

  • Stress or psycho--emotional tension

Stress and tension are known catalysts in causing collapse of the tissues supporting the teeth in the jaw.  Supervised physical activity can significantly reduce stress.  Integrated with cessation of smoking, as appropriate, worsening periodontitis can be slowed, which benefits successful treatment.

  • Unhealthy nutritional habits and  obesity

Multiple studies have proven that both of these statuses actively promote the development of periodontitis.  Have no hesitation in consulting experts in these fields.  Positive changes to diet directly help overcome periodontitis.  Positive changes indirectly help since improved health has a well documented positive psychological effect.  In addition to the overall good feeling created by such changes, improved nutrition and health integrates positively into periodontal treatment.

  • Systemic illnesses or long term body changes

Systemic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular complications or respiratory problems, as well as pregnancy, early births, and low infant birth weight, all require close cooperation between your general dentist and the Periodontist.


Periodontics and Complementary Medicine at Moria Periodontal Center

 A modern periodontal clinic should adapt to our ever-changing society by integrating consultants who work in additional spheres and cooperate with the Periodontist.

The Periodontist becomes a kind of “lifestyle mentor” towards ensuring that the patient relates to treatment as a positive experience leading to significant improvement not only in dental health but in overall health and lifestyle. 

Based on our vast experience with thousands of patients, we have joined forces with consultants and therapists in diverse fields, all of whom contribute to the patient’s wellbeing and to improved lifestyle habits.

Smoking – reducing or quitting requires strong personal resources and external support.  We are able to help our patients in this sphere, but we also cooperate with the Abramson Institute to support you in this goal.  For years now, the Institute has specialized in assisting individuals to overcome smoking addiction.

The process is completely natural, without medication, needles, pills, or sprays.  It is non-invasive, non-penetrative, and painless.  In eighty percent of the individuals, after the very first treatment there is a sense of apathy or even rejection of the need to smoke, but if necessary additional treatment sessions are provided.

The Institute employs a unique, natural method integrating explanation, cleansing the addicted area’s aura, bio-energy, and balancing using quartz crystals.

Exercise – plays an important part in reducing stress and is often integrated into the process for eliminating the need to smoke.  From our experience, supervised periodic physical activity helps navigate the patient towards healthier living in general, and helps the patient focus on overcoming the smoking habit. 

Moria Periodontal Center is assisted by the services of Nir Shaul, fitness consultant and trainer.  Nir is a qualified trainer who holds a BA is in Physical Education and MA in management.  He specializes in structuring and implementing training programs, providing personal backup to ensure positive habits in physical activities.

Balanced nutrition and good eating habits – are additional factors affecting oral health.  We work together with a nutritional expert who uses healing herbs, aromatherapy, Bach flowers and conventional nutritional tools to promote your improved health.

Moria Periodontal Center works towards helping all our patients improve their health during their course of treatments.  It has long been proven that nutrition and improved eating habits have a direct effect on health.  Good lifestyle habits not only promote improved health but also promote healthier gums.  By integrating periodontal treatment with nutritional mentoring adapted to each individual, it is possible to create short and long term improvements.  Together with rehabilitative and preventative care, real change can be achieved for better health.

Our team of experts will study your personal needs and participate in your overall health improvement.  Our dental staff will direct you to these experts as needed.

Here’s to better health!

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