Sedation by Nitrous Oxyde


Light Sedation and Laughing Gas  (Nitrous Oxide)

Optimal treatment, minimal anxiety

Laughing gas is commonly used in dental clinics to promote calmness.  Nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, was discovered over 200 years ago, and has been used to assist surgical procedures for more than 150 years!

Laughing gas is not necessary in dental treatments, but it does reduce anxiety, fear and raised pain thresholds, making it easier for treatment to proceed effectively.

Laughing gas is completely safe and takes effect instantly, then disappears as soon as it is stopped.  The patient remains fully conscious, does not lose her or his protective instincts, and is able to react to the dentist’s instructions.

The advantages of laughing gas

  • Makes the treatment easier and therefore more effective
  • Allows full cooperation between dentist and patient
  • Assists with sensitized pain threshold and reduces pain memory
  • Reduces anxiety and fear
  • Makes complex treatments easier to cope with

Who is best assisted by laughing gas?

It can help any patient but especially those who experience strong anxiety over dental treatments.  It is NOT suited to pregnant women, heavy smokers, and patients with respiratory problems.

How does laughing gas make a patient feel?

Usually there is a sense of warmth, security and floating.  However, the patient is fully conscious.  Laughing gas is NOT an anesthetic.

Laughing gas lets the patient breathe oxygen in greater quantities than normally found in air, leading to a sense of deep relaxation.  As a result, treatment-related fear, anxiety, nervousness and stress dissipate, making it possible to provide localized anesthetic (numbing) more easily.

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