Faculty: Dr Bernard Dahan, Dr Benny Retzkin, Dr Anne Sophie Attal & Dr Rina Elimelech
Place: The Private Academy at the Moria Periodontal Center, Haifa
Audience: General Dentists & Specialists
Goal: To acquire knowledge and skill in the management of Soft Tissues in Implantology
| 2 November, 2017

Up until recently, the alveolar bone was considered the key to successful implantology treatments. Today, we know that "The Bone gives the Tone but the Tissue is the Issue: a unique a fragile connection between the implant and the soft tissue is a weak spot, a sort of Achilles’ heel. Therefore, changing the structure of the soft tissue for a more resistant one (by adding collagen fibers and enriching the connective tissue) could improve the implants’ prognoses and enhance the aesthetic result.

The course will showcase several methods to achieve stable connective tissues and incorporate them in the implant zone while discussing their advantages and logistics. Doctors will receive personal training with practical experience and will be able to view procedures live from the operation room.

Thursday 2/11/2017

08:30-09:00: Welcome Coffee

"The bone gives the tone but the tissue is the issue"

09:00-09:45: Why are the Soft Tissues so important in Implantology? Esthetic and Biological aspects

  • The Problematic zone: The Implant Interface versus the Tooth Interface
  • The unavoidable Bone Resorption and the need for compensation

09:45-10:30: Height and Width Enhancement of the Soft Tissues:

  • The Height of the Keratinized and Attached Gingiva: The Free Gingival Graft
  • The Width of the Soft Tissues: The Connective Tissue Graft
  • The New Materials: Allografts & Xenografts:
  • Rationale, Indications, Protocols, Limits, Pitfalls & Traps

10:30-11:00: Coffee Break

11:00-11:45: "The Timing of soft tissue management"

  • Logistics & Dynamics of the Timing
  • When, Why and How to program the Tissue Management
  • The Techniques
  • Flap/Flapless: Envelope & Tunnel techniques

11:45-12:30: Advanced Techniques and Complex Cases

  • The Pedicle Palatal Flap –PPF
  • The BOP Graft – The WATCH DESIGN
  • The ROLL FLAP/ the PALACCI Technique
  • The VISTA Technique

12:30-14:00: Lunch Break

14:00-16:30: Hands on Models/Animal model Workshop

  • The Connective Tissue Experience and Gingival Augmentation

16:30-17:00: DEBATE: Questions & Answers

17:00-18:00: HAPPY HOUR

  • Join your Colleagues for a Drink

Friday 3/11/2017

08:30-09:00: Coffee

09:00-12:00: Live Surgery from the Operating Room.

  • Two Surgeries:
  • The Connective Tissue Autograft
  • The Allograft/Xenograft for Gingival Augmentation

12:00-12:30: Questions & Conclusions

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