Robodent – implants with Real Time Navigation


Innovative technology – the ROBODENT

Installing dental implants has become a routine practice in recent years but we must keep in mind that it is a surgical procedure involving sensitive, important anatomical areas such as nerves and blood vessels.

As such, pre-operative tests and CT scans are conducted in preparation for surgical procedure, but there is always a difference between planning, and actual implementation.

Recently, as a result of innovative technology, a huge stride forward has been made towards precision implementation of the planned procedure in actual surgery.

The Robodent contains a computerized program, optical camera, and set of sensors, much like the GPS.  This instrument allows early planning of implant positions in the jaws through 3D Imaging.  The program presents and emphasizes the sensitive anatomical areas, which assists the surgeon in perfectly planning the implants’ positioning, orientation, diameter and depth.

After preplanning is conducted, and during the surgical procedure, the camera and sensor system allow Real Time Navigation for precision application of the plan.

The surgeon watches the computer screen, and is guided by the “virtual dental simulator” which remains constantly linked to the plan displaying on the computer screen, the optical camera, and the sensors in the surgeon’s hands.

This is an innovative method known as The 3S Implant -  Simple, Secure & Safe and is used in Moria Periodontal Center to assure the safest possible implantation procedure for patient and surgeon.

Advantages of computerized RTN (Real Time Navigation):

  • High level of precision
  • Greater avoidance of anatomical damage (nerves and blood vessels)
  • Minimal invasive surgery, which leads to far less trauma on the area being treated
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