This is Our Passion

Moria Periodontal Center was established in 1985 in Haifa by Dr Bernard Dahan, who studied and specialized in Marseille, France and completed his training in Periodontics in Boston, USA. Since then, the clinic has focused on treating gum diseases, bone grafting, and dental implants. Over the years, the staff expanded with additional specialists, including Dr Benjamin Retzkin who completed his specialization in Hadassah, Jerusalem and Dr Anne Sophie Attal, graduate of the Periodontics Specialization Programme, Paris, France. The clinic’s uniqueness manifests, among other aspects, in its surgical department and the operating theater geared to treatments requiring deep sedation or full anesthesia, and certified by the Ministry of Health. Installed in the operating room is cutting edge equipment such as the clinical Microscope for Periodontal Plastic Surgery and smile line dentistry; and the ROBODENT, employing Real Time Navigation methods for implant placement. These innovative technologies are the clinic’s biggest advantage in the sphere of Minimal Invasive Surgery. The medical staff is backed up by a team of experienced, responsible dental hygienists and assistants who support the patient throughout the treatment program in a pleasant, professional way. Our well organized and service-aware administrative staff ensures that the patient is given the most appropriate medical supervision. By combining advanced technology, excellence and personal attention, each patient enjoys the unique synergy offered by Moria Periodontal Center.


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