Team Approach and Cooperation

Doctor's Information

Moria Periodontal Center is open to all patients as well as anyone in the medical profession interested in the clinic’s cooperation with your treatments.

We have developed a diverse set of close relationships with a large number of medical professionals in northern Israel based on reliability and professionalism promoted by direct communication.

We respect your wishes while offering a wide range of cutting edge solutions for your patients.

Being part of a “Family Dentist – Patient – Dental Expert” triangle is not always easy but it is a challenge we have set ourselves to meet.  We believe that aiming for a harmonious triangulation provides the best support for all involved.

The key to achieving this is through cooperative activity that we call TEAM APPROACH, where the treatment program is structured by medical professionals and led jointly for maximum success.

This section is geared to the medical profession and covers several fields:

  • Picture gallery with diverse cases typical of treatments offered by Moria Periodontal Center
  • Important articles on Periodontics
  • An invitation to dentists to join activities run by our clinic such as the magazine, the study club and the training center
  • Important links to diverse relevant dental associations
  • Downloadable referral forms for your use
  • Feedback option with your suggestions for improving information or other aspects on this site

Options for direct contact for medical professionals that bypass the clinic’s general email

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