Patient’s Information

Moria Periodontal Center offers gum disease treatments and dental implants, focusing on three main aspects:

  • Oral health in general, and gum health in particular
  • Gum aesthetics and harmonious smile line
  • Patient quality of life and wellness

Patients are either referred to Moria Periodontal Center by their regular dentist who seeks our assistance, or can contact direct.

A treatment plan is structured in cooperation with you and your regular dentist.  The dentist is apprised of the plan and her or his own involvement.  On completing our work, we redirect you back to your dentist with a summary report.

Moria Periodontal Center is covered by several insurance companies, among them Harel, Phoenix, Migdal and Dikla, for periodontitis treatment alone.  For other areas of insured treatments, contact should be direct between you and your insurance company, but we will assist wherever possible.

Consultation (first examination)

The consultation is geared at becoming acquainted with the specialist, presenting the reasons for your visit, and providing general health data.  You will be asked to complete the anamnesis (medical questionnaire) which can be accessed online on our site: “Initial Contact Form”.  When invited for your first consultation, please ensure you have all necessary documentation, a letter from your regular dentist if such has been prepared, medical certification and current x-rays.  Please note that periodontal treatment requires x-rays, and implants require a panoramic x-ray and a CT.  Moria Periodontal Center will scan these into its own computer so that you can keep the originals.

The purpose of this consultation is to diagnose and structure a comprehensive treatment plan which takes into account all alternatives available, and patient preferences as far as possible, and will then be priced.  The plan may combine treatment by the dental hygienist as well as additional clinic dental specialists.  Once agreement is reached between the clinic and the patient, appointments will be set with you in advance according to the treatment plan’s requirements.

All appointments for the specialists and dental hygienists are carefully organized.  Any delay by one patient will affect appointments for all patients to come, causing discomfort and inconvenience.  We therefore request that you arrive punctually for your treatments.  If you are unable to attend an appointment, please let us know as early as possible.  If first aid assistance is needed, please contact our secretary who will fit you in that day.  We do our utmost to maintain pre-set schedules but unforeseen events can occur during a treatment.  For any delays on the clinic’s part, we apologize in advance and trust you will be understanding.

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