Oded Doar

Senior Reflexologist

Oded, good morning. I'm scheduled for gum surgery at Moria Periodontal Center and I'm thinking of postponing it… for the fourth time!”

 That’s the phone call I received a good number of years ago, on March 3, 2004, from one of my patients.

There is no doubt that reflexology reduces anxiety.  The Chinese knew that thousands of years ago.  But in recent years, the patients of Dr Dahan and his staff have also discovered its effects.

I am a senior reflexologist and masseuse since 1995, and am the house reflexologist at Moria Periodontal Center.  My team and I offer professional operating theater backup to Drs Dahan, Retzkin and Attal as required.  Currently, having been in attendance at hundreds of surgical procedures, I truly believe that the application of reflexology during gum surgery, implant procedures, sinus treatment or any other related treatment, is definitely the wisest choice.

So… if you seek a very different treatment experience, or just want to get to know a great team, come to Moria Periodontal Center and I'll help you realize your wish.

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