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A natural smile with zirconia non-metal implants

Until recently, dental implants were made of a metallic material known as titanium alloy. Current efforts in the western world have focused on avoiding metals in favor of a more biological and natural material with tissue biocompatibility. The result is a ceramic implant made of zyrconium oxide, known as Zyrconia.

The latest updates

  1. Maximum aesthetic success with white implants

Not only the rehabilitative parts are of zyrconia, but the implant itself will be white, of a color similar to the natural tooth root. This significantly improves the aesthetic results, especially in the front area of the mouth and where the gums are particularly thin and transparent, and the implant might become exposed.

  1. Greater biocompatibility

Zyrconia undergoes osseointegration similar to that occurring with titanium but is more user-friendly to the soft tissue and shows greater biological suitability to gums. This is important because new research shows that titanium can cause allergic reactions, releasing particles of metal into the adjacent tissue.

  1. Metal-free Implantology

The goal of avoiding metals is spreading in the world of dentistry. The tendency is to swap amalgam fillings for white filling made of composite metal-free materials. A similar process will soon commence for the field of dental implants.

  1. The mechanical advantages

Zyrconia has been improved in the past few years for fortified flex, reduced elasticity, and greater ability to withstand breakage and chipping.

Read article about study conducted in animals
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Moria Periodontal Center’s staff and specialists will be happy to assist you in providing further information on white implants.

With thanks to Dr. Jean-Louis Roche, Nice, France

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