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רגנרציה בצפון - יום עיון שכולו פריו ו-GBR

בהנחיית ד”ר ברנרד דהן
מוזיאון טיקוטין לאמנות יפנית, שד’ הנשיא 89, חיפה More

Science and Beauty 5.4.2013

ביום שישי האחרון, 5.4.2013, בשעות הבוקר המוקדמות, התקיים באודיטוריום הכט שבאוניברסיטת חיפה, אירוע ייחודי בתחום רפואת השיניים. More

Dr Masana Suzuki visits Israel, 20-22 May 2012

Dr Suzuki practices Periodontics in Tokyo, Japan and is currently considered an international leader in the field of periodontal microsurgery (surgery performed using a microscope). More

ROBODENT launch event – Innovative technology: Implant and Real Time Navigation (RTN), and 3S technique (Simple Secure & Safe)

Thanks to the innovative RTN technology, real time navigation is possible during surgery. The implant is a safe procedure for the patient, and a simple, secure procedure for the dental specialist. More

Moria Periodontal Center for Haifa & Northern Israel Youth: Gearing up for Adolescent Early Aggressive Disease Prevention

Moria Periodontal Center is currently volunteering its services in diagnosis of early stage aggressive gum disease typical of adolescents. We are interested in raising awareness among youngsters and youth of the disease, its causes and outcomes, and the importance of early discovery. More
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