Anesthesia without Needles or Pain


Advanced medicine or science fiction?

No one enjoys the prick of an anesthesia needle. A new study shows that more than 20 million Americans suffer from needle-phobia.

A revolution in this field will occur when a new technology, the liquid needle, will take over and eliminate the pain involved with using a conventional syringe.

Using laser, microscopic “shots” of anesthetic penetrate the skin to allow painless anesthesia.

Anesthetic will penetrate the tissues through a hole no wider than a string of hair, in lightning speed. The amount needed will also be reduced due to the effectiveness of this method.

How does it work?

The anesthetic is stored in a one compartment and separated from a water compartment by a membrane.

Air bubbles from the water compartment, activated by laser pulses and pressure, insert the anesthetic – no needle, no prick, no injury and no pain!

There are many implications:

  • Assuming this technique will become available, millions of people that have neglected their mouth due to needle-phobia could begin treatments.
  • This solution could be revolutionary for diabetics who inject themselves with insulin several times a day.
  • Small children could be vaccinated with ease.
  • Cost efficient, when the cost of disposable medical equipment is known.
  • Avoiding transmitting diseases among patients and staff – Hepatitis, HIV – and reducing medical waste.

Our clinic is monitoring this technology closely, and promises to implement it once it becomes available.

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