Alona Kurgansky

Chief Assistant and Projects Manager

In 1992, Kibbutz Hazore’a in northern Israel welcomed me warmly after civil war broke out in my country of birth, Moldova.  It was there, too, that I met the man who would become my husband.  We have two gorgeous little daughters, Daina and Noya.

Only after completing Art studies at Haifa University, I slowly came to realize that a degree in art is worthless for paying at the supermarket.  That’s when I began looking for a realistic profession. In 2000, I found myself at Dr Dahan’s clinic, with its staff from such diverse backgrounds.  It made me feel very much part of our country, and I quickly integrated into my new workplace.  But my love of art has remained with me, and finds its way into all my activities.

Now, so many years later, I understand that I not only gained a talented life coach, so to speak, but also a whole loving wonderful family.

I feel privileged to be part of the Moria Periodontal Center ‘home’.

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